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    Nayatel Broadband Tariff Plans

    What are the Nayatel Fiber to Home tariff charges?
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    Mobilink broadband signal problems

    It is possible that a building which has newly been built is blocking the signal, in which case there is no much that can be done. The only option is that you use the connection in another part of the house or go for another broadband connection.
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    Can Antennas increase internet speed?

    Antenna's can increase signal strength but only to a certain extent. Don't count on the fact that by using an antenna you will get super fast coverage and speed.
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    Which mobile phones support Skype calling?

    I would like to use Skype on my mobile phone and require a new mobile phone. I do not know what all phones are capable of using which applications and whether some phones allow you to download any applications. So please suggest me a mobile phone which supports Skype calling.