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Aug 19, 2017 at 10:56 PM
May 28, 2013
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Aug 19, 2017 at 10:56 PM
    1. Tuseef Ali
      Tuseef Ali
      Admin.can u tell.me the username.nd paswrd of my ptcl.router plzz model.no iz KW5815U
    2. Raja_Jee707
      Admin kindly tell me the complete configuration of ptcl broadband.
      I got the problem about limitted conection with yellow sign
      1. Admin
        I have replied to your thread.
        Jun 24, 2017
      2. Raja_Jee707
        I hv read Complete Configuration Of Ptcl Broadband.
        But i dint got 6,7 &8 point in my broadband setting
        Jun 26, 2017
    3. muhammad afzal
      muhammad afzal
      sir how i can block a webite on my ptcl router???
    4. Babar
      since i purchased charji and its over 24 hrs its not working. complained but so far its been a dead end as they keep telling me to wait. any suggestions? the device connects to the internet but when i start browsing it opens the ptcl page that says insert UIM sim card and restart which is already in and restarted many times to no effect.
      1. Admin
        It can some times take upto three days or even more depending upon how lazy or ignorant the guys are at that office who do a manual security inspection and then manually ok every account. Unfortunately thats the cost we have to pay for being born in Pakistan. I hope your connection starts soon.
        Mar 25, 2016
    5. H.A
      Salam! I am interested in smartTv but I want to know if the smartTv box and the broadband internet are connected to each other. Because in my area there is some line issues and my internet frequently got off for few minutes and it happened anytime, it can be after hour or after few minutes and then get back on.
      1. H.A
        Will this be the same with the SmartTv box and pictures stops when interner stops or the box is connected with phone line. If it is with line then there is no issue as the landline never get disconnected. Thanks
        Dec 10, 2015
      2. H.A
        Dec 11, 2015
    6. kumailw
      sir facebook is extremly slow in my ptcl adsl connection everywebsite is working fine :( and fast but only facebook is slow
    7. SM KHAN
      SM KHAN
      Mr admin few days ago i asked a question about a serious problem but no one answered me........
    8. Aligohar
      dear sir how can i use tp-link 300mps router in my laptop
      i m new user no idea about this router plz any one help
    9. Hamza Ansari
      Hamza Ansari
      can i talk to u for while?
    10. Umer Habib
      Umer Habib
      i dnt knw Admin name and password .....what is the solution
      1. Bilal Emaan
        Bilal Emaan
        hold Reset Buton
        Jul 30, 2015
    11. Muzaffar Ahmed
      Muzaffar Ahmed
      i hav aztech router can i use evo 3g with it
    12. chak36
      Dear I brought XMBC (nowtv box) from UK to Pakistan but its not working its IP which is has been blocked by company now we wanted to use it in Pakistan,so how can we configure this device through PTCL router to watch UK Channels and listen some Radio Programs . Please suggest Thank you
      1. Admin
        Nowtv box wont work on a non UK IP address and also if PTCL find out you stream content from abroad they would even go to the extent of disconnecting your line.
        Jul 30, 2015
        kumailw likes this.
    13. umar farooq
      umar farooq
      if we r changing 1 channal from 1st t.v so... From 2nd t.v it will also change the channal automaticly...??
      1. Admin
        If both the TV are connected to the same box then yes both TVs would have the same channel running and when you change the channel then both TVs will have it. It depends what you are using for TV as set top box. With DTH there is an option to have a second box where you can have different channels running on two different TVs but there is a separate charge for the second box.
        Aug 4, 2015
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