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    Ptcl 8mbs Dsl Working Very Slow After Shifting To A New Sector

    It is all about quality of cable that runs from the exchange to your house and the distance plays a major role as well. Have you moved furthur away from the PTCL exchange by any chance?
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    PTCL Management Failure, Report against PTCL

    Unfortunately there is not much you can do about this apart from changing your service provider of-course if that is even an option at your location. PTCL is a degenerating establishment with no hope of revival. Please have a look at some private service providers or even a local cable...
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    Cable Signal Splitter question

    If there would have been any damage you would have noticed it by now. I wont suggest trying such stuff yourself and instead get your cable operator to sort out whatever problems you are facing.
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    Using VOIP (Voice Over IP ) VPN (Virtual Private Network) ??

    There is no easy way for PTCL to find out what the traffic is through a tunnel, thats the reason people use a VPN in the first place.
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    How to configure TP link MR3420 in place of PTCL ADSL router

    For an ADSL connection you definitely need a modem or a modem with a built in wifi router. You cannot just use a stand alone wifi router that does not have an adsl modem inbuilt. I am not familiar with the model you have mentioned, just check if it has an adsl modem inbuilt and is compatible...
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    Using VOIP (Voice Over IP ) VPN (Virtual Private Network) ??

    Connections with a VPN are normally end to end encrypted and there is no way to find out what you are doing using that VPN. I would be very surprised if PTCL guys are trying to sniff out VPN connections to see what people are doing. I use VOIP all the time and I have never had a problem, just...
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    Belkin f5d7630 adsl modem settings for PTCL

    I have run out of ideas. I have seen your settings in screenshots and I dont have a clue why it wont work. Try contacting Belkin support and see what they say.
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    Belkin f5d7630 adsl modem settings for PTCL

    I dont see any mistakes in the screenshots apart from the secondary DNS. Can you try changing the "connect type" from the current auto to always on and see if that helps. Also check you have adsl link light on or not.
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    Belkin f5d7630 adsl modem settings for PTCL

    Hi Raza, Settings for any adsl modem that you want to use with a PTCL adsl connection will be the same. I wrote a tutorial for PTCL adsl modem settings some time ago which you can use.
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    I have replied to your thread.

    I have replied to your thread.
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    Complete Configuration Of Ptcl Broadband

    @Raja_Jee707 I wrote a tutorial in the past that you would find useful : How to configure PTCL Broadband modem. I hope that helps and gets your connectivity back. If you still having issues please feel free to ask.
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    APN setting for PTCL EVO

    You dont have to dial it, just enter in settings and it will do its work automatically.
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    How To Take A Screenshot On Android Phones

    For Samsung S5 you need to press the power and home button simultaneously to take a screen shot and it will get saved in your gallery.
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    How To Take A Screenshot On Android Phones

    I use a Lenovo phone and pressing the power button and volume up button takes a screen shot instantly without having to do anything. I assume it is the same for most other Android phones.
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    Ptcl Wifi Modem Setting In Bridge Mode With Another Ptcl Modem

    I am sorry but I do not understand what you are trying to do. Are you trying to create a second wifi zone using a range extender? or trying to use a normal wifi router as a range extender?