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    Router for Qubee Shuttle Device

    Any router will work with the qubee shuttle device, so you can use the PTCL router. As you have the router with you connect the shuttle device to it and you will know if it works or not.
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    Windows 10 Download

    Whatever happened to Windows 9?
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    Best 3G mobile service

    It all depends on your location, generally speaking both are equally good, as I have tried both but personally dont use the connection.
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    Telenor 3G WiFi dongle

    Look at the Telenor dongle packages thread for information on the tariff plans.
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    Blu ray viewing reviews

    The quality of blu ray movies is good and to be honest I personally dont find any difference in full HD and blu ray, even he blu ray movies are much costlier so it is not something which I think is worth it. Although like Admin said if you can afford it then by all means go for blu ray movies.
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    Very Slow Browsing and download speed on PTCL 4mb Connection

    That is a common problem with PTCL my friend, and the end result that nothing is done about it. The bst you can do is keep complaining again and again and if possible get in contact with your lineman who is the person who can sort out such problems.
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    Which broadband connection to choose?

    I am not too sure about Wateen but PTCL and Wateen are both good options. Currently there have been some problems with PTCL connections but I dont know how that is lately, but with Wateen their connections are supposed to be very stable and good.
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    Broadband Speed for watching videos online

    I think to watch movies without buffering you need a connection of at least 1mbps and if you can get a 2mbps connection then nothing better than that...:)
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    Best LTE service in Pakistan

    I have used Zong and to be honest it is not so great and I would think that if you really want a 4G connection you should wait some time until the service is improved or the coverage is wider in Pakistan. Currently I would say that 3G services are much better than 4G services.
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    3G connection to use on laptop

    Well PTCL is the first option and after that you have a lot of other options such as Zong, Warid, Mobilink and Telenor. Now it would all depend on which areas you would use the connection in. From personal experience when it comes to 3G PTCL is quite good especially if using it in two locations.
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    Mobile phone suggestion for Rs20000

    I think that the phone decision would aso depend on what the sole purpose of the mobile phone would be more. Sometimes if the phone is just for making calls then you can go for any brand, if you intend to do more then a better brand would be better.
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    how to block other LAN connection

    I think what you are trying to say is that you want to secure you network, for which you will need to put your connection on password protect using WPA/WPA2 security.
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    How to start WhatsApp calling service?

    If you haven't got your WhatsApp calling service, I would recommend you update the application to the latest version, you should then get your calling feature, if not then just hope that someone who has the calling feature calls you or you get the calling feature soon.
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    LG Phone Reviews

    LG phones are durable and quite good as well. The reason that they are not as popular is because brands like Samsung and iPhone overtake such brands like LG. As compared to Samsung phones I can not say that they are better but slightly under the line from them. If you like the particular phone...
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    How to set up dongle with Wi-Fi Router

    There are many queries on the forum on how one can set up a USB dongle with a WiFi router, and the answer is in this thread where users can set up their GPRS, EDGE and 3G dongles with a WiFi router. With 3G being launched by many service providers using a 3G dongle has become very common and...