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    Worldcall Broadband Complaint

    It is a cable connection. I have tried taking out the cables and re inserting them but not good.
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    How to close my mobile phone connection

    First of all make sure that you have used up all your balance, which is obvious. After that call the mobile phone operator and ask them to close your account, put this in writing as well if you want to be really certain about it. Otherwise I don't think that anyone else can use your name with...
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    Worldcall Broadband Complaint

    I am a Worldcall broadband users and have been using it for around 2 years now. Recently my connection has gone a bit weird, it gets disconnected and then reconnects it self on and off, if it was a once in a while instance it would be ok, but it happens about 3-4 times in an hour and it does...