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    Best Sports Package on DTH

    I am also someone who takes interest in sport, which is why I have Dish TV, I found that they have better and more sports channels than Tata Sky.
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    Fiber Optic in Pakistan

    PTCL and Nayatel are two service providers who have FTTH services, but its not always the case that a wide area is covered, only certain parts in an area are covered, so its best to call the service providers and ask which area they have FTTH in.
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    Best Antivirus for new Laptop

    You can use Bitdefender which is a good anti virus, I am not sure of the costs, but its not too costly.
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    WorldCall EvDO Problems

    What kind of error are you getting?
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    Unable to open some websites using Wi-Tribe broadband

    I am also having this problem since morning. I was thinking it is something to do with my connection, but after reading your post I know its a common problem with Wi-Tribe users. I'm hoping that the issue gets resolved quickly.