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    Connect Communications services

    Connect services are excellent the only problem is the availability which is only in a few places. Last time I checked it was only available in Karachi.
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    Help For evo tab software update

    Have you done a virus scan on your tab?
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    Tethering not working on tablet

    Go to your WiFi settings in your device and make sure that the connection is showing up there. You can also manually add a WiFi connection as well.
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    How to setup Qubee Shuttle device

    AdeelN do you know which areas are covered for Qubee Shuttle?
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    Counter Strike Servers

    I have recently started playing Counter Strike and wanted to know whether there are any other players on the forum and what servers they use. Please give a list of the counter strike servers, so I can add these as well.
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    Best and Top TV Cable Connection

    For viewers who want a combination of both Indian and Pakistani channels, Tata Sky and Dish TV are the only way. My cousins have done the same thing they now get all the channels they require, although it does work out to be costly.
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    PTCL EVO Wingle heats up

    Be it any USB dongle or USB drive it heats up, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Should I buy a laptop or tablet?

    Both devices are good it depends on how easy you find using each one of them and the kind of work you would be doing. It would also depend on the size of the tablet. I would suggest you use both the devices and then make your decision. Also consider the fact that a tablet will not have a CD drive.
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    Which laptop should I buy?

    Lenovo laptops are quite good, I have had my Lenovo laptop for 3 years now and had no problems at all. I also do basic work, browsing, emails etc.
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    Laptop heats up

    Are you using a cooling pad or are you making sure that your keeping the laptop on a flat surface and not using it on the bed or sofa? If your not using a the laptop on a flat surface the heat can not escape from the laptop and it will cause it heat up.
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    Wired Internet Connection vs Wireless Internet Connection

    I am going to be getting my first internet connection and I am quite confused between getting a wired connection and getting a wireless connection. I would like to know the pros and cons of each type of connection and would like advise from forum members as to which connection I should get.