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    Nowtv box

    I am afraid this is not possible, if it was it would cost you a lot of unlock the box. Just out of interest why do you want to use the Now TV box in Pakistan?
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    What is PTCL Time Shift Television?

    If you are someone who watches TV a lot and doesn't want to miss out on scenes or special episodes then the time shift feature. If you don't really watch TV a lot of with great detail then there is not much point in getting the time shift feature.
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    PS3 vs XBOX 360 vs Nintendo Wii

    Sony PS3 is the best, they have more games to choose from and have the latest features for motion sensors and games.
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    WorldCall Broadband Problems

    Like I mentioned in another thread about connection issues, you need to call WorldCall and ask them to get the wires changed.
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    Worldcall Broadband Complaint

    There is a possibility that there is something wrong with the cables, ask WorldCall to get them changed for you.
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    Best mobile service provider for making VOIP calls

    I think Warid mobile has some good deals, I used their data plan for VOIP calls sometime last year and it wasn't so bad. If you have a wifi router and your phone has wifi then you can use your home connection to make calls as well.
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    WorldCall Broadband Problems

    Its probably something wrong with only your connection. If its working fine at first then stops, you need to call WorldCall and ask them to send an engineer to solve the problem.
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    4G in Pakistan

    PTCL does have 3G, its just that no other service provider has it. The same may be with 4G I think PTCL will come with 4G as they already have 3G, and after that other service providers will follow.
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    PTCL Slow Browsing

    Ok thanks! I was beginning to think its just something wrong with my connection. Did your cousin call customer service?
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    PTCL Slow Browsing

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    PTCL Slow Browsing

    Is any PTCL broadband user facing slow browsing? Since yesterday afternoon I am facing extremely slow browsing and it takes more than a minute for a page to load and thats just a a simple page, I cant even open up social networking sites because of the slow speed.
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    Mobile Broadband in Pakistan

    I would like to know what all companies provide mobile broadband in Pakistan. I would like details of providers which have good coverage along with some details of their tariffs. I have not used mobile broadband before therefore making an inquiry about it. The more detail provided the...