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    Downloading Torrents From Internet Of Ptcl

    there is any problem in downloading torrents through internet connection of ptcl? downloading of public torrents is harmful or there is any problem or harm in downloading the private torrents?
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    PTCL Smart TV Jadoo Plus

    what is the difference in iptv and jadoo plus?
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    Smart Tv Jadoo Plus Vs Smart Tv

    What is the difference in ptcl smart tv jadoo plus and standalone package? What are the pros & cons of smart TVs jadoo plus and smart TV with set top box?
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    Dwn price

    I want to know that what are the charges of dwn tv. upfront charges are mandatory?
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    Electronic program guide

    I am not satisfied with smart tv and looking for the alternative of smart tv. I can select and watch the movie or program of my choice at my convenient time through the feature of electronic program guide in smart tv. This feature is available in another service? I want rewind the channel and...
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    Calling on offnet numbers

    i need information about prepaid.
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    PTCL 8MB Disconnection Prob in Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi

    If the quality of copper wire is poor then the lineman can solve this problem? How he will solve the problem?
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    Calling on offnet numbers

    which is the best package for calling on offnet numbers through any network in pakistan?
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    how to convert inverter into UPS

    i have inverter at my home. i am using desktop computer at my home and my computer will always restart because of loadshedding. after research on internet i discovered that the inverter is not suitable for desktop computers because the computer will restart because of loadshedding if one is...
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    Ups required for computer

    i have inverter at my home and my desktop computer will always restart because of loadshedding. according to my knowledge the UPS is suitable for desktop computer because if one is using UPS instead of inverter then the computer will not restart due to loadshedding. i want to buy UPS for my...
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    fiber optic

    i want to use dsl of ptcl with 8 mbps speed. my friend told me that dsl with 8mbps speed will work smoothly with fiber optic. is it true that copper wire is suitable for dsl with 4mb speed and dsl with 8mb will work smoothly with fiber optic? if someone is using the dsl of ptcl then guide me and...
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    Dish TV vs smart TV

    PTCL smart TV mein channels ko 70 minutes tak rewind kiya ja sakta can rewind channels through dish TV for how much duration? Through dish TV one can select and play any program which was broadcast in the past?
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    Dish TV vs smart TV

    Time shift television is available in ptcl smart TV. Through dish TV I can select my favourite program at any time or I can rewind channels?
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    Speed of charji evo

    If some one is using charji evo than please suggest me that I should use charji evo or high speed DSL? Charji evo ki speed kesi hy?
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    how to get movie torrents in high quality

    i want to watch the movie from torrent sites in high quality or full HD. how do i know that which file of any movie is of good quality? speed does'nt matter for me. i can get the high quality movies from which torrent sites? how do i know that which file is of good quality before downloading?