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    Laptop heats up

    How heated up does it get? Sometimes those who are new to using laptops do not know how hot laptops can get, but it still be good to get it checked out by a computer place or if it is still under warranty, phone the company and ask them to check it out.
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    3G connection to use on laptop

    Get a PTCL EVO connection, which would give good speeds especially in places like coffee shops, regarding the coverage in your home, every residential area differs. You should first find out which connection would work best in your home and decide from that.
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    Is Mobilink providing free 3G services?

    Mobilink did provide free trials of their 3G services, but that was for a limited time and for a limited amount of data. I am not sure whether the free trial is still on or not.
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    Is Nayatel available in Lahore?

    Nayatel is a service which is not available across Pakistan, but I think they will slowly start their services in majority of places in Pakistan. Their expansion has already started with Lahore.
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    WorldCall Customer Service Contact

    Yasir did you manage to contact WorldCall?
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    Switching off PTCL Smart TV Box

    Its not necessary to turn the Smart Box off, you can leave it on it wont cause any problems to the box it would just consume unnecessary electricity.
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    Watch Movies Online

    I usually watch movies online, because I have my computer in my room, I watch alot of movies in my own time with a good set of head phones or sometimes use speakers.
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    WorldCall Customer Service Contact

    Its just the regular number which is available for WorldCall broadband. You could also try sending an email.
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    PTCL Smart TV connection and moving to a new house

    Uninstall the PTCL Smart TV connection yourself and get it re installed by PTCL but calling them up from your new location.
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    Unlimited broadband Plans in Karachi

    Connect broadband is a service provider which does provide good plans and good speed. Im not sure to what the data limit is, but its worth giving them a call to find out.
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    Cheapest DTH Service in Pakistan

    In Pakistan there are quite a variety of options for DTH services and also satellite TV, all which have a different price range, rating from high packages or cheap packages and obviously that comes with a certain number of channels as well. But out of all the services available which one is the...