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    Please suggest a good WiFi router for my broadband connection

    I have used a TP Link router and it has worked like a gem and the best thing about it is that you can connect a land cable as well as USB dongle connection.
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    Wateen Cable TV

    Wateen Cable TV is available in Lahore, you would need to check with the sellers in Lahore whether Johar Town is included in their location for Wateen installation. Although I am quite sure that there should be no problem in getting the cable connection.
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    Telenor 3G

    Telenor 3G tariff plan details have been mentioned on the forum. The plans differ from validation of a day to a month.
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    Cheap Mobile Broadband in Pakistan

    What is your maximum monthly buget?
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    New mobile broadband connection

    Depending on your location you can go for either PTCL Evo, Mobilink or Qubee. If your going to be travelling a lot then I suggest you choose PTCL Evo but if you are not then go with either Mobilink or Qubee.
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    Which mobile phone do you use?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Duos phone, nothing great about the phone, it does its job and has given no problems and more over it was in my budget.
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    Best Mobile Service provider in Pakistan

    I personally believe Zong mobile is the best service provider. Zong has coverage all across Pakistan and they even have 3G services as well.
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    Warid Mobile Paisa Service

    The only aspect which I want is fast service, the worst thing is having a payment lurking. The payment should be instant to the company on the other end.
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    PTCL smart TV channels disappearing

    PTCL Smart TV provides the same channels as the local cable guy and yet you end up paying more for the Smart TV connection. I would suggest you go for DishTV as there are so many more channels available to watch.
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    What power backup do you use?

    If an inverter can run a fridge along with fans and lights then its good, especially during the summer times when there are a lot of power cuts. Roughly how much would an inverter like this cost?
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    Best Internet package for Mobile Phone

    Rs250 for 500mb is expensive, is there nothing better than this?
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    Best Internet package for Mobile Phone

    I want to know which mobile service provider has the best internet packages. I think by opening a thread like this it would not only help me but also others who can easily compare and choose the correct internet package for their mobile phone connection. When providing details please provide...