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    Best way to check Broadband Usage?

    Every broadband provider has their own portal, which is a website address where the broadband user signs in with their username and password. This will then lead you to your account providing information about your data usage, the bill payment or when the data is valid till etc. For the username...
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    Slow Speeds on Nayatel Broadband

    The best thing to always do is call up the customer care team and ask them to get the lineman to check your connection. This is the best solution to the problem, as you would know that whether the issue is with your line or not. You can also keep a regular tab on your connection throughout the...
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    Using a wifi router with Connect broadband

    With a Connect broadband connection best go for a Netgear router. Dlink routers are a bit unreliable and dont perform as well. Connecting the broadband connection to the router will not reduce the internet speed it will remain the same.
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    Apple iPhone 5 64GB Specification, Review and Price

    I havent used an iPhone but brought my HTC the same time as my friend brought his iPhone, and after two years my phone stands to be much better than his. He has come across so many issues and he now admits that it is a hassle with the OS updates.
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    Is Wateen closing down their services?

    I would like to add a word of warning, that if you are being offered some special monthly tariff rate, then you should make sure you know how long this special cost is for, as it generally only is for the first month or two after which you will be charged the normal monthly rates.
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    Dwn price

    Upfront payments are a lot agreed, but recharge wise DWN would be better. If it is a variety of channels you want especially if it is Indian channels then there is no option other than Tata Sky or Dish TV, as these are the only ones who provide these channels. You can also think of it this way...
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    Mobile phone suggestion for Rs20000

    Alcatel Idol One touch X has all the requirements which you need and it also comes within the range of Rs20000.
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    Best broadband connection for gaming in Karachi

    I am not a gamer, but from the knowledge of computers I would obviously think that having a stable connection for gaming is a must. For other options for a broadband connection you have a choice between Qubee and Wi Tribe.
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    Which 3G service to choose in Karachi?

    Karachi provides 3G from the following service providers: Mobilink, Zong, Telenor and Ufone.
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    Wateen 4Mb connection

    Wateen is supposed to be the next best service after PTCL, a friend of mine uses their wired service and he says it is good. Apart from the cost being a bit high for the 4Mb connection the service provider is good.
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    Mobilink 3G USB Dongle Reviews

    What about in places where there is no Mobilink 3G coverage, do they use another spectrum?
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    Should I get an Apple Laptop

    Apple laptops and iPads are no doubt very good, if you like the operating system then you should go for it. The phones are quite different from the laptop so it is something out of the question comparing the two.
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    PTCL Bad Service

    When you contacted PTCL broadband customer care what did they say, would they send someone over to have a look at the problem?
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    Wateen Broadband New Free Months Usage

    Not a bad offer from Wateen, does the offer apply to all tariff plans?
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    Roaming charges for mobile broadband data usage

    Data is not charged for roaming and your normal data gets deducted according to your usage. Roaming only applies to call services.