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    Best 3G mobile service

    Telenor also has good coverage, I had been using Telenor for 3 years and also did a bit of travelling and had no problems with coverage.
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    Ufone 3G Internet

    Any more information reagrding the UFone 3G plans?
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    DWN Digital Wireless TV Channel List

    The number of channels seem very less as compared to PTCL Smart TV.
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    PTCL Smart TV Jadoo Plus

    I don't think there is much difference in PTCL Smart TV or PTCL Smart TV Jadoo Plus, apart from the library of videos and the fact that you can access social networking sites. I don't really see anything good about using the social networking sites on TV, firstly it wont really be private if...
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    PTCL CharJi

    These devices are quite costly, think I would have to wait until some good offer is out, or even maybe until some other service provider launches 4G.