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    Best mobile service in Islamabad

    The service providers which I know work well in Islamabad are Mobilink and PTCL. But I would also recommend that you check with your family in Islamabad to find out which is the best mobile service, as it would depend on the exact location as well.
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    What are you listening to?

    Thats nice, it is good to listen and see the tradional stuff once in a while, which is only seen in villages.
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    Warid Mobile Paisa Service

    Warid will be launching their own mobile financial services which will be named Mobile Paisa. Warid previously had a soft launch of the service, but it is now ready to be commercially launched. The launch will take place some times this week, there is not fixed date so its a matter or just...
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    Does PTCL Smart TV affect broadband speed?

    No your broadband speed will not be affected at all. An additional 4 or 3mb speed will be added to your account connection which will solely be for your Smart TV connection.
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    Best Mobile Internet Package

    There are a lot of companies who provide mobile internet packages, which have different speeds, coverage and of course different costs. Warid mobile is someone who provides an unlimited package which is good, but the terms and conditions are not good enough, as the package expires at 12am no...
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    Internet Settings for Zong Mobile

    My sister has a new Zong sim card and wants to use internet on her phone, but I need the settings to start up the Internet on her phone. The settings are required for an Android mobile phone. I have tried the APN settings and still had no success. There is nothing wrong with the phone as...