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    Should I buy a laptop or tablet?

    It depends on what you plan to do on the device, if its just browsing sending quick emails, playing games, messaging then a tablet is fine, if there is more constructive work involved then I would suggest you go for a laptop. It would also depend on where you would be using the device, if your...
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    Best Antivirus for new Laptop

    You can also go for the Microsoft antivirus, if you would be doing some downloading then go for Avast or AVG.
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    New Memory Card for Mobile Phone

    I need to get a new memory card for my mobile phone, and there are a few brands and I know that brand does matter, but I don't know whether this applies for memory cards as well. Guys please clarify this information for me whether the memory card brand would matter or not.
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    Minimum 4Mbps Speed for Broadband users

    This is what I recently saw on the internet: It would be so good when this happens, and I am sure that many people will switch to PTCL after this change happens. Luckily for me I am already with PTCL broadband.