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    Is Wateen closing down their services?

    Have a look at the thread Wateen Wimax closing its services from another Wateen broadband user.
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    Telenor Dongle Packages

    What is the speed during the hours of 1am to 8am?
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    Telenor 3G WiFi dongle

    Just looked at the tariff plans and they are costly Rs1000 for 8GB is a lot. On the other hand from 1am to 8am the data is unlimited, if the speed is good between these hours then it is good if not then not such a good connection to get.
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    Windows 10 Download

    When you receive an alert for the Windows 10 update accept it. After some time around 2-3 weeks later you will receive a notification that your device is ready for the update. Simply follow the prompts after you have clicked on the notification.
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    Wateen Bolt USB with Wifi Router

    All routers mention which technology it is compatible with. So whatever you go and see in the shop make sure you read whats on the box.
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    Best and Top TV Cable Connection

    I dont think there is a cable provider who shows a combination of Indian and Pakistani channels. If you can afford it I would suggest maybe get a Dish TV or Tata Sky connection with a local cable connection.
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    Smart tv channels list for evo users

    I think subtitle settings are sometimes on the TV remote, so check if your TV remote. Some channels already have subtitles but not all, I am not sure about HBO but I think Star Movies has subtitles.
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    How to enable security on Wateen Bolt 2 device

    Good information Salman, I think this would kind of be the same procedure for any data card connection, is that correct?
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    Solar Panel Water Heater Reviews

    Long power cuts normally occur during the summer time, and during winters there are very few power cuts, and its only in winter time when we need hot water. Thanks for the advise Admin, will look into solar power set up, first will need to find out the entire cost of it all.
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    How to call UK mobile phone using a broadband connection

    There is no such way to make free calls to a UK mobile number, you will either pay for the call according to the calling rate or if using a data plan then pay for the data plan, nothing is free!
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    Solar Panel Water Heater Reviews

    Using solar panels has become quite popular and one of the best ways to use as a water heater or source of electricity when there is a power cut. I have not use solar panels before neither know of anyone who has, so I do not exactly know what all the pros and cons are of using the solar panels...