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    How to change Mobilink Infinity Broadband login details?

    Either you should call customer service or sometimes there is an option to reset your password by entering in your login details or email address. I don't have Mobilink broadband so don't know exactly how to reset the password, but these two ways are a solution to your problem.
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    Unlimited broadband Plans in Karachi

    I'm shifting to Karachi in January and I would a new broadband plan, but my requirement is that it should be unlimited broadband which I get. So far I have not been able to find any unlimited broadband plans available in Karachi, so it would be great help to get some suggestions from those...
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    Best UPS for computer

    Go for either a Homeage or Luminarc UPS, I have used both, they work fine and I was able to use my computer for up to 4 hours which the max I needed it to work for.
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    Watch Movies Online

    Its good to watch movies, but the only problem would be to have a really fast connection and secondly a large sized monitor. Otherwise its better off getting the movie on rent.
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    I kind of understand where the Pakistan government are coming from, but how much can they control, if its not You Tube it will be something else.
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    Best Antivirus for new Laptop

    Hmm its difficult to have a free antivirus which is also the best. For a free version I can recommend Avast antivirus.
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    Does PTCL Broadband Block Websites?

    I have a PTCL broadband connection, and touch wood I don't any sites blocked. It maybe that I don't visit the sites which you may, but so far I haven't ad any sites blocked by PTCL.
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    PTCL Smart TV connection and moving to a new house

    I have a PTCL Smart TV connection and soon in about 3 weeks I will be shifting to a new house, which is a new location. What would I do regarding my PTCL Smart TV connection? I am quite confused to whether I would take the box with me do and unwiring myself or apply for a new connection or would...