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    Downloading Torrents From Internet Of Ptcl

    there is any problem in downloading torrents through internet connection of ptcl? downloading of public torrents is harmful or there is any problem or harm in downloading the private torrents?
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    Smart Tv Jadoo Plus Vs Smart Tv

    What is the difference in ptcl smart tv jadoo plus and standalone package? What are the pros & cons of smart TVs jadoo plus and smart TV with set top box?
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    Dwn price

    I want to know that what are the charges of dwn tv. upfront charges are mandatory?
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    Electronic program guide

    I am not satisfied with smart tv and looking for the alternative of smart tv. I can select and watch the movie or program of my choice at my convenient time through the feature of electronic program guide in smart tv. This feature is available in another service? I want rewind the channel and...
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    Calling on offnet numbers

    which is the best package for calling on offnet numbers through any network in pakistan?
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    how to convert inverter into UPS

    i have inverter at my home. i am using desktop computer at my home and my computer will always restart because of loadshedding. after research on internet i discovered that the inverter is not suitable for desktop computers because the computer will restart because of loadshedding if one is...
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    fiber optic

    i want to use dsl of ptcl with 8 mbps speed. my friend told me that dsl with 8mbps speed will work smoothly with fiber optic. is it true that copper wire is suitable for dsl with 4mb speed and dsl with 8mb will work smoothly with fiber optic? if someone is using the dsl of ptcl then guide me and...
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    Dish TV vs smart TV

    Time shift television is available in ptcl smart TV. Through dish TV I can select my favourite program at any time or I can rewind channels?
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    Speed of charji evo

    If some one is using charji evo than please suggest me that I should use charji evo or high speed DSL? Charji evo ki speed kesi hy?
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    how to get movie torrents in high quality

    i want to watch the movie from torrent sites in high quality or full HD. how do i know that which file of any movie is of good quality? speed does'nt matter for me. i can get the high quality movies from which torrent sites? how do i know that which file is of good quality before downloading?
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    UPS for desktop computer

    mery paas inverter hy likgen mujhy computer ke liye ups chahiye kion ke loadshedding ki waja se mera computer reboot ho jata hy. mujhy aisa ups chahiye jo mujhy 5 to 10 minutes ka back up time provide kery. mein ye maloom kerna chahta hoon ke jab bhi loadshedding hogi mujhy apna inverter on...
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    Smart tv channels

    If I will use smart tv with evo whose charges are 50 per month then the channels will stream from the internet?
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    Smart tv and evo

    If one will use smart tv with evo then the charges of smart tv are 50 per month and 12 channels are available. I want to know that ptcl will provide how much Mbps for smart tv if one will use smart tv with evo? The speed of internet connection of evo will decrease the speed or performance of...
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    8mb package with smart tv

    If I am on copper line then my dsl package of ptcl with 8 mb speed will be effected and my internet will be disconnected frequently. If I am using the 8 mb package and I am on copper line or fibre optic is not available in my area then how will it effect on the performance of smart tv? I am...
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    Ups required for computer

    I need a UPS for one desktop computer. I want to prevent computer rebooting when the electricity goes down and for this purpose I need to buy UPS. The back up time depends on the UPS or It depends on battery? I need to invest how much money ( including the price of UPS and battery) for the back...
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    Sharing of smart tv connection

    I want to avail one connection of smart tv on multiple devices. I don't want the same channel of smart tv on 2 devices at the same time. We want that different channels on different devices will appear at the same time or if appearing at the same time is not possible then atleast we can use one...
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    Smart tv channels list for evo users

    I want to know that the Hollywood channels with subtitles are available On smart tv? Hbo is available?
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    Effect of load shedding on smart tv

    Agar kisi k ghar mein UPS ho to load shedding k dooran wo smart tv aur dsl ok avail ker Sakta hy ya nahi?
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    Fibre optic

    I want to avail ptcl dsl with 8mb speed. Agar kisi k area mein fibre optic available na ho aur wire aur connection ki halal bhi behtreen na ho to is ka koi alternative solution hy?
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    Channels of smart tv

    I want to know about the channels of ptcl smart tv. The channels of hollywood movies with english or urdu subtitles were available in the past or these channels will be available in future if we complain to ptcl? the picture quality of the channels of ptcl smart tv is good or bad? if one shares...