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    Wireless Router for PTCL EVO Connection

    I think Netgear brand is better and a suggestion is the Netgear Mbr624gu-100nas 3g broadband wireless router.
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    Wireless Router for PTCL EVO Connection

    I have a PTCL EVO connection which I want to use as a wireless connection and for which I would need a wireless router. I need to know which wireless router would be the best for the PTCL EVO device. I have heard both Netgear and TP Link routers are good, which one should I go for, my budget is...
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    Using EVO 3G with Aztech HW550-3g

    How are you connecting the dongle to the router? Using a USB cable or directly connecting the dongle to the router?
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    How can I know if my phone is 3G compatible?

    I am planning to get a Ufone connection so that I can use the 3G services they provide. It is obvious that the mobile handset needs to be 3G compatible in order for 3G to work and this is where the problem is I don't know whether my mobile phone is 3G compatible. How can I find this out?
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    WorldCall Broadband in DHA Lahore

    My brother is using WorldCall in DHA Lahore, and he has had his connection for 3 years now with no problems with customer service. He faced a connection problem few months ago for which he made a complaint, and the problem was sorted out by WorldCall within a few days.
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    PTCL Broadband ADSL light is not working

    My PTCL broadband ADSL light is not working properly. When I start my computer and connection the ADSL light appears and then after about 2 minutes the light stops working. Does that mean there is some problem with the router or the internet connection?
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    WorldCall Customer Service Contact

    If the contact number is not working then email is the best bet.