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    Ptcl Broadband Slow Speeds

    The first thing you should do is call PTCL customer care and first ask them to see if there are any issues from their end, if not then ask them to send an engineer to your residence to check your connection. It is not something which you would be able to resolve yourself, especially if nothing...
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    Backup Internet Connection

    What is your location? It is good to know the location so I and other members can give the suitable suggestions.
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    Downloading YouTube Videos

    Unfortunately that is the case that you can only download on mobile phones, but why is it so, do you know Admin?
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    Transworld FTTH 20Mbps Connection

    Have a look at the TES FTTH Connection thread for more information.
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    Mobile Internet in Pakistan

    I would choose Zong over Ufone. The two packages I would recommend from Zong are: Zong Truly Unlimited Prepaid Rs999 Zong Truly Unlimited Postpaid Rs400
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    fiber optic

    Quality of the copper wires would never be poor, as the best is always used in fiber optic connections and regarding the connection not being available in Lahore, well fiber optic connections are only when there is a large number of people ready to get the connection it is only then that the...
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    How To Change from Jazz Mobile to Warid Mobile

    There is also an online method but I am not aware of it whether it is useful or not, so I will provide details of the manual way for MNP. First send 'MNP' to 667 Then forward 667 SMS response to 76321
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    Using PTCL broadband with tethering

    Unfortunately you can not use use a WiFi connection on tethering on your mobile phone, you can only use the data connection you have with your sim card connection.
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    PTCL Capping Speeds

    I am using a PTCL connection and my speed is fine, I am getting what I am paying for. You should call PTCL customer care and ask them to see the problem from their end in order to resolve the issue.
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    Qubee connection and customer service

    To be honest the connection all depends on your location and the equipment which is used, if the equipment is good then there are no problems, for example if there are two connections in the same location, the connection for one user would differ if wiring which is installed is not good enough...
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    LG Phone Reviews

    LG phones are as good as any other phone brand and much better than the local branded mobile phones. They are not as popular, as brands like Samsung take over and also advertise much more. LG mobile phones are durable as I have used a LG phone some 4 years back, I can not say about the pros and...
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    Ufone free usage for social networks

    Ufone only recently came out with some new 3G offers and yet again have come up with some new offers. With the current Ufone 3G packs users will get free access to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Line. When the user gets the 3G pack activated and uses the social...
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    Mobilink 3G Weekly Internet Packages

    Majority of the service providers in Pakistan now provide 3G services and Mobilink is also one of them. Mobilink Jazz 3G has started some weekly internet packages for its users. For new users in order to use Mobilink 3G your sim card needs to be 3G and so does your mobile phone, if both are 3G...
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    Warid SMS Roaming Service

    Can not blame Warid for trying to promote their services, but there is no use of this service when you can get a local sim card and use applications like Skype or WhatsApp which work out to be cheaper.
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    How to check PTCL broadband speed?

    It is very important to always check your broadband speed and when I say always I don't mean every day but at least once a week or when you feel that your speed is slow. Not all speed test sites are accurate but two which I trust and go by are Ookla and PTCL actually recommend and...
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    Warid Internet Settings

    The settings are quite simple and easy. You need to first go into settings, then wireless and networks, then mobile networks and fill in the information according to the below mentioned. Connection Name: Warid Data Bearer: GPRS Acces Point Name: wap.warid User Name: N/A Prompt Password: N/A...
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    Using Zong sim card in a PTCL Wingle

    PTCL wingles are locked and only specific sim cards work. In order to unlock the wingle you would need to go to a mobile phone shop where they unlock mobile phones or go to the DC Unlocker website.
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    Using a WorldCall EVDO with a wireless router

    Reset the router to factory settings, any issues or settings will be gone and it should start working like it used to. Make sure you have the correct IP address and settings entered.
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    Wateen 4Mb connection

    Wateen is a good service provider, but not available widely across Pakistan. Generally Wateen speeds are given to what has been mentioned, so it is worth going for the connection.
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    I dont seem to understand your question, can you rephrase it please.