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    Ufone free usage for social networks

    Ufone only recently came out with some new 3G offers and yet again have come up with some new offers. With the current Ufone 3G packs users will get free access to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Line. When the user gets the 3G pack activated and uses the social...
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    Mobilink 3G Weekly Internet Packages

    Majority of the service providers in Pakistan now provide 3G services and Mobilink is also one of them. Mobilink Jazz 3G has started some weekly internet packages for its users. For new users in order to use Mobilink 3G your sim card needs to be 3G and so does your mobile phone, if both are 3G...
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    How to check PTCL broadband speed?

    It is very important to always check your broadband speed and when I say always I don't mean every day but at least once a week or when you feel that your speed is slow. Not all speed test sites are accurate but two which I trust and go by are Ookla and PTCL actually recommend and...
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    PTCL 3G Evo Recharge Problem

    I am trying to recharge my prepaid PTCL EVO dongle connection but unable to do so. I am recharging the connection by dialing 1015 but it is coming up as call failed. As suggested by someone I re installed the device still the problem is there. How do I resolve this issue in order to make a recharge?
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    PTCL DSL Double Speeds for 4MB Users

    Good news for all PTCL 4Mb DSL internet users, they will now be receiving double the speed of 8Mb for the same price of a 4Mb connection and this will be valid till 31st January 2015. From the 1st February 2015 the upgraded customers would be charged Rs2500 a month till 30th June 2015 and be...
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    Mobilink Free Twitter Usage

    There are a number of people who use Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and many other applications, which all cost as they use up data balance. Mobilink have partnered with Twitter to provide free usage of Twitter and its services like Twitter SMS, but this is for a limited period of time only. For...
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    Ufone Missed Call

    Good news for Ufone prepaid users! Ufone have introduced a new service which allows prepaid users to give a miss call even if they have Rs0 balance. The miss call can be given to any local number of any network. This service will be free of cost and no subscription is required. However there...
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    PTCL Online Self Care Portal

    PTCL has launched a new self care portal for their customers and new customers. Its an easy way to get a new connection and also for existing customers to check their details and plans. To get access to the PTCL broadband online portal you just need to go to A good...
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    DWN Wireless Digital TV

    There is a digital TV service called DWN (Digital Wireless Network) which claims to be the only one in Pakistan providing digital TV. I haven't heard anything about this service provider before and it would be great toget some feedback on them and their services.
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    Samsung S4 vs iPhone 5 vs HTC One

    The Samsung S4, iPhone 5 and HTC One are all high end phones which all have superb features and looks. Each has its own speciality and are excellent in their own way. But which phone is the best, that hard to decide. The recent of the all is the HTC One, and a phone which not many would have...