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    How to set up dongle with Wi-Fi Router

    There are many queries on the forum on how one can set up a USB dongle with a WiFi router, and the answer is in this thread where users can set up their GPRS, EDGE and 3G dongles with a WiFi router. With 3G being launched by many service providers using a 3G dongle has become very common and...
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    Telenor 5GB 3G Internet Bundle

    Fore the first time Telenor is providing its customers with an unlimited data bundle which is called Daytime Bundle and will be both for its 2G and 3G users. Users will be able to use up to 5000Mb of data in a day which will cost around Rs8 per day. Before you Telenor users get excited you need...
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    Warid 4G LTE Speed Tests

    As many of you may know that Warid is providing 4G services in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi,Gujranwala and Faisalabad for its postpaid customers, but only for trial basis. I know a close friend of mine who is a postpaid Warid customer so we both decided to test the 4G services. My first thought...
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    Telenor Dongle Packages

    Other than using the Telenor sim card in your mobile phone you can also use Telenor 3G services using a dongle connection provided by Telenor. The cost of the dongle is Rs2500 and below is a table showing the tariff plans for the dongle connection.
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    Telenor 3G Postpaid Tariff Plans

    I have created a thread for Telenor 3G prepaid plans and here is information for Telenor 3G postpaid tariff plans.
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    Telenor 3G Prepaid Tariff Plan

    Telenor is another service provider who provides 3G services, they provide both prepaid and postpaid services. Here is a look at the Telenor 3G prepaid tariff plans.
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    Wateen Friends and Family Offer

    Wateen provides an offer for those who make international calls. The Wateen Friends and Family offer is an additional pack which can be added to your existing telephone package. With the Friends and Family (F&F) offer users can make unlimited number of calls to the USA and Canada both land line...
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    Blackberry Z10 Charging Problem

    Its not been long since I have brought my Blackberry Z10, and I am now facing problems when chargingmy phone. When the battery is low I put the phone on charge and it only charges for 10 minutes and then doesnt charge any more. Does anyone know what the problem maybe and how I can sort it out?
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    New Section for computers and broadband

    Is it possible to have a new section for computers and broadband. I think the broadband section would be easy to ask general questions about broadband and troubleshooting.