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    Require PTCL complaint number

    I am having some problems with PTCL broadband and need to make a complaint, but rather than going through the long calling process of press this number press that number is there any other direct PTCL complaint contact number I can call?
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    Best Anti Virus for my Computer

    I need a new anti virus for my desktop computer but I don't know which one I should go for. I have done some research about anti viruses but can not come to a conclusion to which one is the best to choose. I found out that there are some free anti viruses as well but like they say not all free...
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    PTCL Smart Channels

    Ive heard that PTCL Smart TV also has their own Smart channels, which includes Smart Melodies, Smart Films, Awakening and Smart Products. Seems like some good channels, anyone who has PTCL Smart TV can you shed some light on what these Smart channels are like. With the Smart Films channels what...
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    How to recharge Dish TV in Pakistan?

    Im thinking of getting a Dish TV DTH connection, but I wanted to know the most vital thing which is how and where can we recharge the DISH TV account? Is it easy or it is a hassle getting the account recharged?