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    Ptcl Blocking Ports And Messing Up With Servers

    PTCL blocks ports which causes me to disconnect from server whenever i am gaming. Such pathetic stuff by PTCL. They are literally cheap and naive. They never feel the need to improve there structure. Any solution on how to open my ports?
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    Delay In Ups

    Hi, I have a UPS connection with my PC. Whenver light goes.. PC turns off and turns on again. I guess the UPS is not fast enough to convert to its electricity supply. My all other devices don't face this delay like when i charge my laptop. Its only happening with my PC. Its not supposed to...
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    Pathetic Line Man

    I have been calling to PTCL since 3 days. They say the connection has turned to 4 Mb but the line man has not yet changed the port. Now what should i do? Should i call line man directly? If yes from where can i get his phone number?
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    Problems i am facing with my DSL connection

    I have a 2 Mb ptcl connection. My SNR margin is always 20-34 and the second thing (i dont remember its name) is always less than 14. 1. I never have able to reach 200 KBps speed. The max speed i reached is 176 KBps. In Rawalpindi using my cousin dsl which was also 2Mb, i would get 190-200 KBps...