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  1. Salman

    PTCL 3G Evo Speed

    The PTCL Evo can give speeds of up to 9.3mbps. You have to purchase the device which is the Wingle provided by PTCL in order to get the connection.
  2. Salman

    Ptcl Speed Issue

    If your getting slow speed then I would actually suggest you contact PTCL customer care, there may be some issue with the wiring which is mostly the case.
  3. Salman

    Minimum 4Mbps Speed for Broadband users

    Its great that PTCL has started a 4mbps connection, but for a heavy downloaded or someone who watches a lot of videos it is not that beneficial as the download limit is 40GB. For those who don't download as much, it is a great plan, as the difference between a 2mbps and 4mbps plan is only Rs175.
  4. Salman

    Evo Nitro Cloud 9.3 Mbps Review

    PTCL for sure is an excellent service provider, and with WiFi connections being so much popular now and being used by the whole family, this is a connection which won't let you down. Although with time there are now many service providers who have come up with better plans and WiFi devices.
  5. Salman


    On DSL, Internet, EVO services there is a 19.5% tax charge If you live in Sindh tax will be charged if the internet data goes beyond the amount of Rs2500 or if the speed goes beyond 4Mbps. If you live in Punjab and have a student package which does not go beyond Rs1500 then tax will be exempted.
  6. Salman

    PTCL Broadband Packages

    With a 2Mb unlimited broadband connection, your monthly charges would be Rs1599.
  7. Salman

    how to check your current broadband package?

    There are three ways to find out what your current broadband package is, from the PTCL website, from your landline phone or from the PTCL mobile app. You can visit and login to your account to check what your current broadband package is. If you don't have a login username and...
  8. Salman

    Best way to check Broadband Usage?

    You need to create a user id from the PTCL website, then use that username and password created by you to sign into the portal.
  9. Salman

    Zong 3g Wingle Tarrif Plans

    As we all know that Zong has their own wingle which can be used for their 3G connection. The plans with the wingle are different from the plans which come with purely the sim card which most use in their mobile phones. Cost of the wingle alone is Rs1000 which has to be paid if you want to use...
  10. Salman

    Which Cities Is Warid Broadband Available In?

    The cities that Warid broadband is available in is Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. You can get the connection from anywhere in the cities mentioned or from the actual Warid business centres.
  11. Salman

    Is Wateen closing down their services?

    Yes Wateen has closed down their broadband service and those using wateen would need to find another provider.
  12. Salman

    Windows 10 Download

    I upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday and I find it better then Windows 8 mainly due to the start button they have given back in Windows 10. System does not respond any quicker or slower if that is what you are wondering about. I must add that this upgrade was the best ever because I did not have...
  13. Salman

    Fiberlink FTTH Connection

    I have looked at the Fiber Link website and they have some good packages which are of 5mbps, 10mbps and 20mbps speed. This is a a shared connection and it has already been launched in Lahore. FTTH connections are stable so there is no issue with the speed of the connection.
  14. Salman

    Problems with my Tata Sky Connection

    The problem is in your box, I am not sure whether there would any warrenty for your box because of it not being a Pakistani product, but it is something you would have to ask the distributer.
  15. Salman

    Calling on offnet numbers

    There is not much of a difference between the two, but like mentioned Ufone is slightly better than Zong and better than these is Mobilink.
  16. Salman

    Mobile Internet in Pakistan

    I would suggest you get a Zong connection or Ufone connection, both which perform well. I would not recommend getting a 4g connection as it does not perform as well yet, so stick with 3G connection.
  17. Salman

    Calling on offnet numbers

    The service provider which has the lowest offnet calls is Mobilink, followed by Ufone, Zong, Telenor and then Warid.
  18. Salman

    Pathetic Line Man

    That was a good move. Least you got an easy way to sort out the issue, there are some customers who get stuck and get no response from service providers.
  19. Salman

    Calling on offnet numbers

    For what kind of connection is it for a prepaid or postpaid?
  20. Salman

    Wired Broadband Connection in Rawalpindi

    There are quite a few options you can choose from for a 2mbps connection. Qubee broadband, 2mbps speed for Rs1100 PTCL broadband, 2mbps speed for Rs1799 PTCL DSL connection, 4mbps speed for Rs1750 If you are up for a 5mbps then you can also go for Nayatel who are providing 5mbps for Rs1699