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    How to connect mobile phone to laptop for Internet access?

    I find it is always best to set up a password when you turn on hotspot on your mobile phone, as it would prevent others from using up your data. There are plenty of people who are always on the search of finding free internet access.
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    Mobilink 3g Coverage In Islamabad

    Yes, there is Mobilink 3G coverage in Islamabad, and the speeds are also quite good. In fact, Mobilink 3G is one service provider who has coverage in over 100 cities.
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    Settings For Tp-link Router With Worldcall Broadband

    First of all, you got to reset the router. Although it is something simple but an easy mistake made by many, which is the wires not being connected properly, so make sure the wires are in inserted correctly and properly. There must be a CD with the router, I am sure your cousin must have that...
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    Best Mobile Internet Package

    If you know that Warid has good coverage then by all means stay with Warid just make it a point to actviate the pack after 12am.
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    PTCL Wired vs PTCL EVO

    It would depend if you ever need to use your connection outside of your home, if yes then by all means go for a EVO connection, if not then go for a wired connection which would also give a stable connection.
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    Mobile Internet in Pakistan

    It would really depend on your location, however Zong and Ufone have got a fair amount of coverage across Pakistan and do work very well unlike PTCL which can let you down at times.
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    Wi Tribe Broadband Tariff Plans

    I think these online offers are quite new. It is good that they have done this though, it is easier for users like us to compare and get good tariff plans. Do these offers apply for all the WiTribe devices?
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    How to start WhatsApp calling service?

    I got my WhatsApp calling feature activated yesterday as well, and it was automatic. Apparently WhatsApp is providing the calling feature for Android users first. You need to make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp updated.
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    How to set up dongle with Wi-Fi Router

    Most WiFi routers these days automatically install the dongle without any problem, all that needs to be done is securing the network with a password.
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    Warid SMS Roaming Service

    Yes a getting a local sim card would work out cheaper and also most places abroad have WiFi services anyway so it is easy getting access to the internet.
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    Mobilink Fiber

    Never heard of Mobilink providing fiber services, it is a new service from them or a service which has not be established much. I think it would be good if you called Mobilink customer care and asked them about their fiber services.
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    How to connect ptcl evo to wireless router

    What exactly is the problem? Can you please explain in deail.
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    How to Deactivate Zong Internet?

    Be it any service provider sending an SMS to deactivate a service is the worst, because you dont know whether the service has been deactivated or not and you may still be getting charged. It is always best to call customer service to deactivate any kind of service.
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    How to check PTCL broadband speed? is a very popular speed test platform, and by far the most accurate, I think this is ite I would recommend first if you really want the best results.
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    Power Bank for datacard

    Sony is a good brand for all types of products, so go for Sony.
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    Can I use two connections in one router?

    I think there is a certain type of router which you need in order to do this and it wont work on ordinary routers.
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    iBroadband Imzak Broadband coverage

    There is quite a lot of availability, but they don't advertise as much, I am only guessing it must be a good service provider. I have a few friends in Rawalpindi, will find out from them what the service of this ISP is like and provide an update.
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    Imzak Broadband Packages

    The speeds and prices are great, would be good to get some feedback on their services.
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    Recommend a good English movie

    Hangover is s good comedy but only the first one. Other good movies have been mentioned like LOTR, another to the list is Gladiator.
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    Telenor 3G Prepaid Tariff Plans

    These are very good tariff plans, the data for the given price is very reasonable. I wonder if we could use the sim in a data card?