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    Get your sim re-verified

    Strict decisions and actions have been made after the Peshawar attack took place, and PTA have ordered that all sims should be re verified and this action took place from January 12th 2015. The reason for this action is so that there would be no more illegal sims which are used for acts in...
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    Zong free mobile Internet

    Internet is growing by the day in Pakistan, and service providers are out with some new to bring in more customers and Zong is also one of them. Zong will be providing users with free internet usage for a duration of 3 days. The 3 day free internet trial will provide users with 30MB of data per...
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    Should I get an Apple Laptop

    I am really tempted to get an Apple laptop, but always go back thinking that the performance of Apple is not so great after seeing the problems and lags in the iPhone, but also think that the phone is quite different from the laptop. I need some help and advise on whether I should consider...
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    UPS to power 3 desktop computers

    There are three desktops which get used at my house, and at times all three are being used at the same time, so when there is a power cut all are disconnected from the electricity, but they need to be working even when there is a powercut. The solution I know ofcourse is getting a UPS, but which...
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    PTCL Wireless Vfone Reviews

    I would like to get a new PTCL VFone wireless connection, but like all new users it would be good to get some feedback and reviews on the service and speed before getting the connection. Previously Ive heard a mixture of reviews but this was some time ago, so Im hoping there would be some change...
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    Warid Mobile Internet Review

    I am currently using Mobilink mobile services, but now thinking of changing to Warid mobile. But I would like to get some reviews about the internet on Warid mobile, what kind of speeds they provide and what the coverage is like.
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    PTCL Smart TV Channel List

    Anyone have a list of the channels provided by PTCL Smart TV. I have a vague idea of the channels, but wanted to know the exact channels that are shown on Smart TV.