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    Mobilink Infinity WiMAX Admin Password

    Im trying to get my wimx CPE device to work but its asking me for an Admin password. Please can someone tell me what the admin password for the Mobilink wimax CPE device is?
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    Apple iPhone 5c

    The Apple iPhone 5c is the latest addition to the iPhones and it was revealed recently. But to some dissapointment the phone has not impressed many. There were many hopes of the iPhone 5c being a cheaper version of the iPhone which would be affordable by many people, but its not the case as its...
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    Which is the best PTCL Modem?

    PTCL provides a range of modems for their broadband connections. Out the ones they provide which one do you think is the best modem. Are there any which are not good or have problems then provide details. I personally think that all the modems provided by PTCL are crap and they could do with...
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    Fastest broadband in Pakistan

    Currently I have seen broadand providers in Pakistan giving speeds of 2mbps. It would be great if there are faster broadband speeds available. Its pretty obvious that I can search the internet, but I think its better if I got information from the forum then I would know what te actual speeds are...
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    Wateen broadband browsing problem

    I have a Wateen broadband connection and for the past couple of days I am having browsing problems. There are some sites which I am unable to open and I get an error saying connection timed out. When I try opening the same sites on my mobile phone they are opening fine. I had this problem about...