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    What Is Wateen Gpon?

    Hi Asad, 1.GPON is a new service from Wateen. The full from fo GPON is Gigabit Passive Optical Network which means it's a fiber to home network setup. 2. Services are available in Lahore and Islamabad 3. A lot of rumors were out but Wateen is still in business and expanding their services...
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    PTCL Broadband Complaint

    I would suggest giving your lineman a call and talking to him explaining the issue, if hes still being uptight and not helping then I am afraid PTCL customer care is the only option, which is not bad either.
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    PTCL Capping Speeds

    First of all make sure you have not exceeded you data limit, and if you have not then you need to call PTCL and inform them of the problem.
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    How to unlock PTCL Evo Charji Dongle?

    Yes you can unlock the dongle from DC Unlocker, they charge for unlocking devices.
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    Movie Channels on PTCL Smart TV

    No they dont have these channels yet. These are quite new channels and I think it would take some time until these are showcased on PTCL Smart TV.
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    Get your sim re-verified

    Strict decisions and actions have been made after the Peshawar attack took place, and PTA have ordered that all sims should be re verified and this action took place from January 12th 2015. The reason for this action is so that there would be no more illegal sims which are used for acts in...
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    Ufone money deducted from account

    Yes you would be able to get your money back, you need to call Ufone customer sevice asap.
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    Zong free mobile Internet

    Internet is growing by the day in Pakistan, and service providers are out with some new to bring in more customers and Zong is also one of them. Zong will be providing users with free internet usage for a duration of 3 days. The 3 day free internet trial will provide users with 30MB of data per...
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    Should I get an Apple Laptop

    I am really tempted to get an Apple laptop, but always go back thinking that the performance of Apple is not so great after seeing the problems and lags in the iPhone, but also think that the phone is quite different from the laptop. I need some help and advise on whether I should consider...
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    PTCL EVO in Faisalabad

    Coverage in Faisalabad is quite good, but it does also depend on where exactly you are in the area, however majority of the city provides good coverage for PTCL EVO.
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    Power Bank for datacard

    You can go for any reputed brand, just dont go for any brands which are local and Chinese.
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    Dell inspiron n5520 drivers

    You need to visit the Dell website and you will find all your drivers there. Simple and easy :)
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    Removing blue shadow from desktop icons

    Yes you are right this is a simple task and this is how you can resolve it. You need to first click on my computer, then properties, advanced, performance settings and then click on check/uncheck use drop shadows for icon label. After this the blue shadow from the icons would be removed.
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    PTCL DSL IP Settings

    IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: Peferred DNS: Alternative DNS: You need to share the DSL settings and also you need to check that DHCP is enabled.
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    New Digital Cable TV Connection

    Cable connections dont provide Indian channels. If it is just Indian channels you want then you need to get a DTH connection if you want both then you need an additional Pakistani cable connection or digital TV connection.
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    Wateen Cable Connection

    The problem with Wateen is that they dont share the channel information on their website and unless someone who uses Wateen services we are not able to know exactly what the current channels are. Customer service are of no help either.
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    Is it best to get a UPS or an inverter

    I would suggest you get an inverter it would be an investment you make which will last you for at least 7-8 years, if maintained well it can last for longer than that. Plus not only your computer will run on it but also lights and fans.
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    PTCL dsl slow speed problem

    Put your lazy line man to work and get the line sorted for you. PTCL is known to sleep on problems and let them pile up untill you approach some one higher up.
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    BSNL in India stops all night unlimited plans without notice

    Ha ha ha I just went to read the whole thread. It is like taking fish out of the water. I feel for them but some how it makes me laugh aswell. I hope we in Paskistan do not get into such a situation with PTCL.
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    Connecting PTCL Smart Tv on LCD Monitor

    There are two ways you can connect the PTCL Smart TV to the monitor. - Composite and S Video to the VGA - Component to VGA