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    Dish TV Lowest Recharge Option

    It will differ from place to place and who gets the recharges. The same pack may have a difference in cost in two different locations. I would say the lowest cost for Dish TV would be around Rs400.
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    Best Cloud Storage Option

    Google drive is supposed to be a good storage option. First of all its free, secondly its reliable and the third important thing small size photos dont get counted in the storage space.
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    4G in Pakistan

    Yes it will be PTCL that will be launching 4G, there is also a thread about it on the forum PTCL Evo Cloud 4G
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    Getting a new PTCL broadband connection

    I am getting a new PTCL broadband connection and I wanted to use my own modem, is it possible for me to use my own router instead of the one provided by PTCL. The reason why I say this is because I brought a brand new router a year ago and haven't used it, it was an expensive router and thought...