8mb package with smart tv

If I am on copper line then my dsl package of ptcl with 8 mb speed will be effected and my internet will be disconnected frequently. If I am using the 8 mb package and I am on copper line or fibre optic is not available in my area then how will it effect on the performance of smart tv? I am interested in smart tv app for PC instead of smart tv with set top box. If I am watching the movie through the smart tv app for PC and my internet will disconnect while I am watching the movie then I will have to select the movie again and play the movie again from the beginning if electronic program guide is available in smart tv app for PC?


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I really haven't got a clue how the Smart TV app for PC works. I would imagine it is streaming and would have to be started from the very beginning. I might be wrong about this. The best people to talk to about this would be PTCL Smart TV customer care.

Dont forget to update this thread with the information you get from PTCL.
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