Best 3G mobile service


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3G is finally launched in Pakistan and as we know that some telecom companies have already started their 3G services and some who have their 3G license will be launching their 3G services as soon as possible. With so far only two mobile companies providing 3G, which are Mobilink and Zong, which is the best one. I want to know which company has the best service and coverage so that I can choose the right one.

Zong has good coverage all across Pakistan, and their service is as good. Mobilink is new in the 3G area so it has hard to say anything about it, unless a Mobilink 3G user provides their reviews. Also there is a difference in the two, Zong is a mobile phone service provider and the 3G connection would work on a phone and you would need a cable or use tethering to use it on a device, and Mobilink 3G comes with a dongle.
Telenor also has good coverage, I had been using Telenor for 3 years and also did a bit of travelling and had no problems with coverage.
It all depends on your location, generally speaking both are equally good, as I have tried both but personally dont use the connection.