Best Anti Virus for my Computer

I need a new anti virus for my desktop computer but I don't know which one I should go for. I have done some research about anti viruses but can not come to a conclusion to which one is the best to choose. I found out that there are some free anti viruses as well but like they say not all free things are good and in this case Microsoft anti virus seemed OK. From the paid options for anti viruses I thought Avast and Bitdefender are good. Please suggest which anti virus I should choose or suggest any other one.


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I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 pro and it has firewall and antivirus all inbuilt and enabled by default from Microsoft. Microsoft has done a good job on this one I believe as I don't see it using up much resources either. Best thing about it is that it is from Microsoft themselves and above all it is FREE :)


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You can use Microsoft's own anti virus which is free and is very good. If you doubt the Microsoft anti virus because its free then the next best choice would be Avast.
@Immi The prices are different for different plans. It would cost more for a two year subscription or a multi PC subscription etc. It is best to go check out the official website for current offers.


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$50 is a lot of money. I just use Windoes 8.1 built in firewall and antivirus and it comes free with windows. I have never had a problem and it is light on resources too.
Unless you do really complicated things which very few people so, you need a basic anti virus. Windows is a big company and their products are good as well so no doubt their anti virus would be good and on top of it its free. If you really want to spend money then purchase Avast or Norton Antivirus.