Best device for Wateen broadband

Wateen broadband is a service provider which I want to go for, and as you know they have a variety of devices to choose from. I don't have an issue with what type of connection I get hense I am stuck with which device to choose. I do not know much about the Wateen devices, so I need help in identifying which device is best and which one I should go for. If I am correct they all come at a different cost which is not a problem. Please guide me to make the right decision for a Wateen device.

If you want a wifi device then go for the one that has wifi built in otherwise get the one without wifi. They are all the same and prices are not much different either. For residential purpose they will all serve the same purpose.
All the Wateen devices are good, it is not like one will work better than the other.
I think it is just a personal prefernce of what you would like.