Best Mobile Broadband Connection in Lahore

I am from Canada and will shortly be living in Lahore for a couple of months, so I would require an internet connection and I would prefer a mobile broadband connection. For those who live in Lahore please can you provide me details about the best mobile broadband connection available in Lahore. I require the connection to be fast and reliable and I don't want a connection where there would be a lot of problem of connectivity. Cost is not much of an issue and its the reliability and speed which matters the most, so please advise accordingly. Thanks.

I have been using PTCL EVO here in Lahore for some time now and it is not bad atall. The prices are reasonable and coverage is decent all across the city.


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PTCL EVO would be a good option for you but you need to find out what the reception is like in the area you would be staying and other places where you would be using this mobile broadband connection. Just thought would let you know that there is no 3G available in Pakistan so there is nothing you can use for a high speed connection for your mobile phone apart from using wifi from what ever connection you would be using.