Best UPS for computer

I need to purchase a new UPS for my computer. Where I live there are often a lot of power cuts which can easily last up to 6 hours and the current UPS doesn't even cover half of that time and to be precise it allows me to use my computer for a total of 15 minutes. I would like a new UPS which would allow me to use my desktop computer for at least 8 hours, so that whatever I am doing does not have to get stopped due to the power cuts. The budget for the new UPS is not a problem, and the only requirement is that it should allow me to use the computer for the time stated and be of a good brand.

Go for either a Homeage or Luminarc UPS, I have used both, they work fine and I was able to use my computer for up to 4 hours which the max I needed it to work for.


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@hasan evanof What is the load that you want to run? Backup time would depend on your consumption and the size of batteries more than anything else. It does help having a solar panel to keep the batteries charged and also run some load off the solar power during the day which reduces your overall electricity consumption.