Best way to check Broadband Usage?


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Which is the best way to check your internet or broadband usage details? I would like something that would allow me to check the usage made on my desktop pc and also my mobile phone, so please suggest a suitable application or way to find out the data usage.

Either your broadband portal would provide the usage details or calling up customer service, they would give you the details over the phone and you should also ask them for a code to dial which would let you know your usage details.
Every broadband provider has their own portal, which is a website address where the broadband user signs in with their username and password. This will then lead you to your account providing information about your data usage, the bill payment or when the data is valid till etc. For the username and password you need to call up your relevant broadband provider.
You need to create a user id from the PTCL website, then use that username and password created by you to sign into the portal.