BSNL in India stops all night unlimited plans without notice


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I was lurking some Indian telecom sites and found that in India the state owned BSNL broadband has without notice to their customer have stopped all night unlimited plans and left users high and dry. They will all have to shell out thousands of rupees for the data they have used at night. Some of the BSNL night unlimited customer have downloaded huge amounts and are afraid that they will recieve massive bills.

I am glad we in Pakistan do not have such trouble atleast for the time being.

Bhai jaan they pay a lot more then we do in Pakistan and this night unlimited gone now. I think people earn a lot more in India then we do because I checked their prices in PKR and their prices are more then double and I wonder how they afford it out there.
Salman bhai they have other unlimited plans that they can switch to but a little more costly then the ones with night unlimited. I think they wont get billed for the time they were not intimated because it would be illegal would it not? It is common sense nothing complicated.
I think they must have done it due to network congestion most probably. The night unlimited was most probably being used for torrents download by majority of customers and that as we all know breaks the back bone of any infrastructure. More then 70% traffic of the world is from torrents and most of it illegal content sharing. It is not like I dont do it myself but just for argument sake this looks like the most likely reason.


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That to me looks like the most likely reason too. But when we can have such generous FUP in Pakistan at a lot lower prices then why cant they? I find it strange.
Ha ha ha I just went to read the whole thread. It is like taking fish out of the water. I feel for them but some how it makes me laugh aswell. I hope we in Paskistan do not get into such a situation with PTCL.