Cable Signal Splitter question

Dear guys, I have a question. Please help me out as this has been giving me aggressive OCD in the past few days. I am not very tech savvy so don't mind if i sound stupid.
I have Wateen cable internet and TV service. They provide a coax cable to the home. The coax cable goes into a 1 to 2 splitter (it says -3.5db at both the outputs of the splitter). One output goes into the cable modem (via another coax cable) and the other output goes into an LED TV’s analogue input (via another coax cable). A couple of days ago I had an issue with my service so decided to troubleshoot myself. To test the signals, I plugged in the cable (from the cable provider) directly to my LED TV’s analogue input (without the splitter). Now I am worried that plugging the cable directly to the LED TV (bypassing the splitter) may have damaged the LED TV in some way etc. Please help me out!


Staff member
If there would have been any damage you would have noticed it by now. I wont suggest trying such stuff yourself and instead get your cable operator to sort out whatever problems you are facing.