Can an AC work on an inverter?

Summer is coming up and as you all know when summer arrives there are bound to be power cuts as well. What I really wanted was to have an inverter which would allow a window AC to run for at least an hour. Would this actually be possible? If this is possible what power inverter would I need and how much would it cost?

An AC pulls a lot of electricity and I don't think you can get an inverter to run an AC, if you did get a powerful battery inverter it would probably be able to run the AC for a maximum of 10-15mins maybe.
If you really want to use an AC when there is a power cut why not opt for a generator instead. This will not only allow you to use an AC but also other electrical products and supplies.
Why inquire about an inverter when it would be better to get a generator. These days you get generators which make less noise.


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You first need to find out what is the tonnage on your airconditioner and what power requirements it has besides things like what is the starting load.
Yes you can build an inverter that would run and AC but it would cost a bomb and then electricity consumption to keep such a large battery bank charged is going to be a lot as well. In my opinion you would be better of with a generator as you wont have to buy battries for it. Just in case you are in a rural area and have a few cattle then you could also consider setting up a bio gas plant and a gas genset so you wont have to pay for fuel and it would also supply gas for the kitchen and heating for the house if you need it in winters. You will need a large bio gas plant for this though but over all you will be saving a lot of money over the years.