Can Antennas increase internet speed?

I was wondering whether I can use an external antenna to increase the speed of a internet connection. Its not something which I plan to do, but its a general query which I have. If its something which works well it may also be considered in the future. I see a lot of places where they sell antenna's so I thought if they are on sale they must be good for something.

Antenna's can increase signal strength but only to a certain extent. Don't count on the fact that by using an antenna you will get super fast coverage and speed.
I dont think they do unless you have a big and good antenna, with the normal antennas you have it wont make much of a difference.


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Antennas dont increase the internet speed but only make signal better. Technically thinking then you can say it increases the broadband speed, as if the signal is good the speed is good, but it would be the maximum speed which you are paying for.