Cash Grab and Shitty Service

I've been Wateen user for almost 6 years now. I was first introduced to it when I first arrived in Abbottabad for my studies. While not top of the line, the service was OK. 3 years ago, I left my hostel and got my own house in Supply and here we don't have required resources in the town to get PTCL service, otherwise I would've switched to that service months ago because Wateen is now nothing more than cash grab and trash service.

Every time when I'm about to do something important online, internet goes down. First Wateen guys used take 800Rs for 1MB unlimited package and used to give us 5 extra days to use it even after it being expired. 2.5 years ago, I was using my internet after recharging it in 2nd week of the month and suddenly an ugly notification popped up, telling me that your internet has expired because you've exceeded your download limit. I took my shitty device to nearby Wateen franchise and asked them about the problem and those people said that, current device no longer offers unlimited service. WTF??? They said, now you'll have to get a new device that will cost you 3200Rs and every month you'll have to pay 1600Rs for unlimited package. I was like "WTF are you talking about? Why should I pay for something for which I've already paid? Why not only do this to your new customers?" and they told me that it's not in THEIR power to make policy. I calmed my balls and decided to RE PURCHASE the device for 3200 Rs and paid 1600-1800Rs for 1.5 years.

Keep in mind that 90% of the time Wateen internet never worked for me after 6pm to 12am (due to high traffic may be), but I still didn't complain because I thought at least it works in the morning. I never complained, even if the internet kicked my balls when I needed it the most. Anyways,,, after 1.5 years my internet was updated to 2MB and unlike PTCL, that charge you nothing when your net is updated I was asked to pay 2300Rs from now on. I was like "WTF is this shit?". I still didn't complain and then they removed the feature that allows users to use internet for 5 days after being expired. Now you can only use it for 1 extra day. OK no problem,,, at least it works in the morning right?

And now for last 3+ months, this shitty service is not even working anymore. Doesn't work at night. Doesn't work in the evening. Doesn't work in the morning. Hell even my Piece of Shit mobile internet works faster than this shit, 70% of the time. Before someone asks me childish questions, I'd like to answer Captain Obvious in advance; Yes, my Wifi is password protected. Yes, I have tried using cable as well as Wireless device. Yes, no one uses or shares my internet. Yes, I've reset my device etc etc etc. This is a pure shitty and cash grab service/Rant

One thing that I really praise about Wateen is that, their customer service department is really good and they react to your complains pretty quickly, unlike PTCL that takes months to process a simple application. So,,, improve your service, for the love of God. I would've switched to better services if I could. Enough of this bullshit.

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One thing I would like to add about you purchasing the new device is that maybe you had to because of 3G technology which was not available with Wateen some 2 years ago, but again you getting the device is a total waste because it is not working.
The main problem in Pakistan with internet connections is that if it stops working well nothing much can be done, unlike places like US or UK. I can only suggest you calling the customer service and asking them for a solution. I am only guessing that the signals may totally have been blocked in your area or a tower has been removed.
Availability is a big issue, one location hardly provides more than two options for broadband connections, which is why most of the service providers are not really bothered about the quality of the connection as they know that the customer does not have much choice. With 3G being more available it has become more easier to have options but it is not the same thing, as the costs and speed differ.
Ask to have your broadband wiring changed.