Changes after Qubee broadband takeover from Mobilink broadband


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Does anyone know of what changes will occur when Qubee broadband will take over from Mobilink broadband. My main concern is the tariff plans, that whether old Mobilink broadband customers would be able to continue with their previous tariff plans or whether the choice would be from the Qubee broadband tariff plans.


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I suppose the plan would remain the same, it would basically be like that your with Mobilink but its now under a different name. If they would discontinue the plans then I think they would lose out on their customers. But its best to call Mobilink and ask them.


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If there are any changes they wont be applied immediately, but instead a few months later. I think the Qubee customers will have be allowed to continue with their current tariff plan, but if changes are required then they would have to choose from the Mobilink tariff plans.
Mobilink customers will be kept separate and I suppose for a few months the tariff would be the same or until one decides to change their tariff plan. But its always good to make sure what's going to happen by calling the Qubee and Mobilink customer service.