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Is connect Communication service Good?

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Share your experience of Connect Communication internet services. It will be help full for me to decide shall i change my internet service provider!!! your communication is valuable to me.please share your experience.


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Which company's service are you currently using? What is the problem with your current provider and if there is no problem what is your reason for looking for another provider?

I personally do not believe in repairing things that are not broken.


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Is this slow speed problem with WiTribe broadband connection a regular feature or just couple of times a week?

This network congestion problem will be there no matter how hard an ISP tried. You only get 1/4th of the advertised speed so that I believe is reason enough to switch. Connect Communication's broadband service using a cable connection should work well.

They have a cable connection and I am sure your locality has atleast a few houses who use Connect so it would be a good idea to find someone who does and ask them how their connection performs in peak times. Unless you get a local level review I dont think it would be a good idea to switch.

Connect broadband is offering an unlimited 1mbps connection for Rs700 per month which is not bad atall.

I hope this helps.
OK finally I decided that Connect Communication might be better but their customer support system not only bad but it actually very bad!!!
I took the PTCL Charji USB device. feeling hope full.
Connect services are excellent the only problem is the availability which is only in a few places. Last time I checked it was only available in Karachi.