Cost of Solar Panel Installation

I have seen a lot of homes in Lahore who have solar panels installed on their roof tops, and its something which is becoming quite popular. I know the whole procedure of purchasing the solar panels and installation must be expensive, but I don't know how expensive. It would be great for someone to give an indication to the costs of installing solar panels.


Staff member
It all depends on how much capacity you need and if you want to store electricity in battires or not because battery bank costs are pretty high. If you want you can buy a plugin type solar panel with inverter that you can just plug into one of your plugs and use solar power during the day which will reduce your electricity bills as you will be drawing lesser power from the grid.
The cost really depends on what you are trying to achieve. I would be happy to provide an estimate if you can post your requirements.
Thanks Admin, I providing details to a close friend of mine who knows someone who deals with the solar equipment and installation and all, and it worked out to be a bit costly around the Rs1 lakh mark. I was actually looking to get a solar panel installation which would provide enough electricity to 6 rooms, which would run the TV, computer fridge, exhaust fans and basically the normal and essential things. Maybe in a few years time.