Dish TV in Pakistan

Dish TV is a DTH service which is very popular in Pakistan, and its because that there are is such a variety of channels to view which can be watched in HD as well as SD, depending on whether the channel is available in HD or not. There are a number of different packages to choose from:

Super Family Pack - this pack includes 220 + channels for a cost of Rs1500 for 3 months.

Super Gold Pack - this pack includes 252 + channels for a cost of Rs1600 for 3 months

Super World Pack - this pack includes 265 + channels for a cost of Rs2000 for 3 months

Super Platinum Pack - this pack includes 285 + channels for a cost of Rs2200 for 3 months

Sports Package Pack - this pack includes 290 + channels for a cost of Rs2800 for 3 months

The Dish TV HD + recroder box costs Rs12000 and the Dish TV SD box costs Rs9500

When wanting to recharge your Dish TV account its very easy, you can recharge your account by sending money using your bank account, credit card, Easy Paisa or any retail shop which offers recharge services in the market.

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Thanks for this information Salman. Although I think some information about getting a new connection would have been useful. As I wish to get a new connection I am going to open a new thread on how to get a new Dish TV connection.
Its easy to get new connection in Pakistan from website they give you free home delivery and installation, HD box is 12000Rs and sd box is 9500Rs.