Disturbance in viewing PTCL Smart TV

For the past couple of days I am getting quite a bit of disturbance in my PTCL Smart TV connection. The viewing has become quite fuzzy which is something I did not expect. Its got nothing to do with the weather, as there is no rain, wind or clouds. I have called PTCL Smart TV customer care, and I am yet to hear from them. But if there is anything else I can do in the mean to fix this problem then please advise.


Staff member
This is very strange because PTCL smart tv has digital signals and digital channels either work or they dont and there is nothign in between. Inferior quality picture is not possible as thats not how digital signal works unlike analogue signals where picture quality and audio could both deteriorate with disturbances in the cable. Please call PTCL smat tv customer care and see what they have to say about this as I cant think of a reason why this could be happening.
Its most probably something to do with the cables, which need to be looked into by PTCL Smart TV engineer, and like Admin said you need to call their customer care team and ask them to check the problem and resolve the issue.
Sorry for the late reply. I called up PTCL customer care and they had sent someone to check the problem and they could not find a fault. After that I had to make more complaints and chased the calls and requested for new wiring and it was done. The PTCL Smart TV connection is working fine now.