DTH and Cable TV available in Pakistan

I am living on my own and do not have a TV as I hardly get enough time for studies but I think it would be nice to be able to watch some movies or something once in a while when I don't have anything better to do as I some times get up late at night and cant get any sleep so at times like those a TV with a decent DTH or cable tv connection would be just great.

I was wondering if some one could put together a list of all the DTH and cable TV services available in Pakistan so I can pick one that suits my needs. I just need the name of the company and name of the products as I can then look up on Google and find info from the respective official websites.

Hoping for a few replies.



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I think I might as well try living without watching TV for a few weeks and see how it goes. Watching too much TV reduces the amount of physical activity we do all day and takes a toll on health in the long run but now that you have decided to get a TV and a connection I am going to list the names I can remember below:

PTCL smart TV
Wateen cable TV
DWN Wireless Digital TV
Nayatel cable TV
Dish TV
Tata Sky

I have linked each service provider to the relevant threads on the forum itself so you wont have to go looking for information elsewhere as we already have it here posted by other members and myself. These are not the only providers and there are many more but these are the only ones I can remember right now.

I hope this helps.
Admin has pretty much mentioned all of the providers available, apart from the local cable operators which are known to locals only.
If your from abroad and I am assuming that you would watch a lot of American and UK shows, which means it would be best if you get a DTH connection either Dish TV or Tata Sky as they have the most wide range of English entertainment and movie channels. If however you are more into Pakistani channels then the choice is endless like PTCL Smart TV, local cable connection, DWN Digital etc.

I posted this information from experience of my cousin from US who stayed with us for a year.