DTH service providers in Pakistan


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As you may have already noticed from my introduction thread that I do not live in Pakistan so I have no idea which all DTH providers are available in Pakistan. I did ask some of my relatives back in Pakistan who told me there are no DTH services in Pakistan so people mostly use Indian DTH services like tata sky, Reliance digital, Airtel DTH and Dish TV. I was wondering if these services are used in Pakistan legally or what because we dont seem to have very good relations with India and I dont see any reason why Indian companies should be allowed to do business in Pakistan when us lot arent allowed there or shall we say not easily to say the least.

It would be great if you could share your views and knowledge about DTH services in Pakistan here in this thread :)



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DTH has been available in Pakistan for a long time now. You can get a connection from Dish TV, Tata Sky or SUN DTH by going to one of the local shops. I am not sure if this is legally allowed in Pakistan or not but it is all available for those who want to spend the money. Pakistan as such does not have its own DTH service yet. It requires huge investments and we don't even have the content like our Indian counterparts do with hundreds of channels running.

If you are any where near Lahore then go to Hall road and you can buy whatever company's DTH connection you want from there and also recharge coupons.
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There are a lot of DTH providers in Pakistan, but the only problem the channels are all Indian and nothing Pakistani. With PTCL Smart TV at least you get Pakistani channels. It would be good to have a service provider who would provide both Indian and Pakistani channels. If there are any such service provider please provide details.
Dish Tv Has Start Providing Pakistani Channels So I Dont Think They Gonna Launch "DTH Pakistan Service" coz all people need is Pakistani channels and they're having it now. ;)
Hasan the DTH connections are from Indian so I don't think you can watch Pakistani shows on them. If there is something new been launched, please provide details.