Dual Sim Card Mobile Phones

How are dual sim card mobile phones? I have been thinking of getting a dual sim phone, as I have two mobile phone connections and with the dual sim phone it would make it easy. Majority of people have a single sim phone and we know they work well, but I am not sure about the dual sim phones, are there any problems with them at all? I feel that handling two sim cards in one phone maybe a mission and cause complications in the phone.

I have seen people use dual sim card mobile phones and they have not had any problems, the only thing I would recommend is that you get a good branded dual sim phone.
I have used a dual sim card mobile phone and there is no problem in using the phone, at first it will seem weird but in a day or two you will get used to using the phone with two sim cards. Regarding the problems well no problems occur, and a dual sim card phone works good as a single sim card mobile phone.
Every new device is at first a bit weird to use, but after you get used to it. Regarding dual sim mobile phones well I think if the phone brand is good you should not have any problems.